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Disability Not A Sin


Treat Disabled equally

In a Busy street, people notice and stare at one wheelchair going itself, one blind man stick (walking itself) and one hearing aid devices flying through the air….

In the next scene.. Few children are playing in a ground and they notice someone coming, as they looked at the gate, their face glitters, eyes sparkles with happiness.. their friends have arrived.. one sitting on the wheel chair, one blind child with stick and another friend wearing hearing aid…

One of the children playing in the playground, throws the ball to the child sitting on the wheelchair, he catches it having smile on his face.

Another one runs towards the blind friend, taps his back, take him to the ground having arm around his shoulders; both look happy.

Other kid goes to the deaf friend, hugs him and gives him the bat while pushing him towards ground..
A, b & c happen simultaneously.

Scene 1: One lady comes out of her house, as she goes on the street, she sees people going on wheel chairs all around (she is the only one walking). She is confused. No stairs, only ramp-ups are there.

Scene 2: instead of men’s walking sign on traffic signal light, there are wheelchair signs. And people crossing the roads on wheel chairs.

Scene 3: one lady enters a vegetable shop, she notices people on wheelchairs and with walking sticks there. Little worried and confused she goes to the guy on the counter and asks for potatoes; he replies in sign language which she couldn’t understand and looks completely out of clue.

Scene 4: one child in the school, enters in the library, notices people walking with blind man sticks. He notice and ignores them simultaneously and goes to bookshelf and picks up one book, as he opens the book it was in braille. He looks up feeling bothered, sits on a nearby chair.

Message on the screen:
May the world be for you..
This is for everyone….

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Posted by Josh on February 24, 2019.


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