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  1. A shark’s teeth is known to be as hard as a steel
  2. A human brain can contain an average of 48% of water
  3. The only letter from the English alphabet that doesn’t appear in the periodic table is J
  4.  Crocodiles are color blind
  5. Your liver has over 500
  6. The blood of grasshoppers are transparent
  7. Saudi arabia has no river
  8. Honey is the only natural food that never get spoilt
  9. Humans take over 23,000 breath everyday
  10. The meaning of sushi is sour rice
  11. In humans, 90% of the people on earth fake laugh when they don’t understand what someone say to them
  12. Good bye came from “God bye” which means “God be with you”
  13. Your sense of smell and taste decrease by 20% to 50% when on air and that’s why airplane foods is not well tasty
  14. 90% of humans are no longer friends with people they call their best friends
  15. A friendship that exists the 4 years mark is more likely to last a lifetime
  16. The roar of a lion can be heard as far as 5 miles away
  17. The new scientific method called toxineering turns poison into painkiller
  18. Arguing over text is known to be the worse way to argue because the lack of tone decreases the meaning of the words
  19. Earthquakes turns water into gold
  20. Sunrise can penetrate clean ocean water to a depth of 240 feet
  21. In ten minutes a hurricane releases more energy than all the world’s nuclear weapons combined
  22. During your lifetime you are going to produce enough saliva to be able to fill two swimming pools
  23. Humans are more likely to catch cold from a person’s hand shake than from his sneeze
  24. Human ears never stop hearing even when they sleep your brain just ignores incoming sounds
  25. If humans DNA were uncoiled, it will stretch 10 billion miles from the earth to the pluto and come back
  26. We humans shed about 600,000 particles of skin every hair. In fact most of the dust underneath your bed is probably your own dead skin
  27. The human eyes are the fastest muscles in your body . hence, when something happens, quickly you say “in the blink of an eye”
  28. Humans head remains conscious for about 20 seconds after being decapitated
  29. 90 minutes of sweating can temporarily shrink the human brain as much as 1 year of ageing can do
  30. The acid in the human stomach is enough to dissolve zinc
  31. When humans take a step they are using up to about 200 muscles

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Posted by Josh on March 9, 2019.


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