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The Black Mamba


The black mamba, found in sub-Saharan Africa, is not the most poisonous snake in Africa, but it is still a highly venomous snake…

This is a long and slender snake, averaging 8.2 feet in length but can reach 14 feet. The black mamba is the most feared snake in Africa because they have become a rather inflated, fearful legend.

Let me give you a few facts to put things right…This snake prefers the ground but also found in trees, while the green mamba (not as venomous, long or the same snake) prefers the trees (and it’s not a boomslang, either).

The black mamba inhabits woodland, savannas (grasslands), rocky slopes and sometimes found in forest areas. So, this snake is found just about everywhere in sub-Saharan Africa. Great.

Like most snakes, they will get out your way if you make a noise, e.g. bangs, stomps, etc. because snakes sense vibrations, they don’t have ears. The black mamba will only attack if they feel threatened or the poor thing is cornered. They can give you a few bites at a blinding fast rate.

Many people hold a terrifying belief (I was told that many times as a child) that a black mamba is super fast and will see you and give chase… and if you are riding a horse, bicycle, etc. it will still give chase and bite you. That is a myth (almost, 99 %, all of it) but there is a bit of truth to that, though… They are the fastest snake in the world at 12.5 mp/h (20 km/h).

By Mariah Mpenzi

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Posted by Josh on March 9, 2019.


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