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Understanding Religion



A devout Muslim got into a cab in London. She politely asked
the ‘Cab Driver’ to turn off the radio because her religious doctrine forbade her listening to Music.The Cab Driver politely asked her.. “why?”.
His passenger replied:

“In the time of the Holy Prophet there was no Music,

especially Western Music, which is the Music of the Infidel.”

The Cab Driver politely switched off the radio, stopped the Cab and opened the door for his passenger to disembark. The Arab Muslim was surprised and asked him:
“What are you doing?”

The Cab Driver answered:
“In the time of the Holy Prophet, there were no Taxis, no Bombs, no Plane Hijacks, no west invented Loud Speakers in Mosques. Definitely no Suicide Attacks and no AK 47;
Only ‘PEACE’ everywhere.So please get down from my Taxi and wait for a Camel.

Please share let others understand religion and not misinterpret it

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Posted by Josh on March 9, 2019.


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