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Understanding The History Of Africa


I could never call myself a Queen if I didn’t respect my history, believing in the spirit world, my ancestors watches over me.

Hearing voices within myself when no one is around, Crying inside sometimes because I know about the pain,bbecause FREEDOM comes with a price as we all die the same.

Being black is a hidden ugly scar,
the more you know about your history, the more liberated you are.

History will be kind if we remember not to forget, that our blood proves, we all were part of it.

Living in the MATRIX system, you become a real-life avatar, I realize there is still a long road I must go, for the blood of my ancestors tells me so.
Nothing is more amazing than a beautiful, healthy tree, but there is a dark History when a sick people lynch for free.

Many who call me a warrior by the way I post as I travel back to a history touch. There are those who say this history should not be told.

Now you understand the process of selling their soul.Connected to my ancestors like the universe is to a star…..

By Mariah Mpenzi 

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Posted by Josh on March 10, 2019.


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