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What is the IVF treatment procedure?


What is the IVF treatment procedure?

IVF is a procedure for those couples who are unable to conceive a baby naturally after having regular intercourse for more than one year of their marriage.

IVF treatment mainly consists of 5 major steps which help you in conceiving your own baby and these are as follows:

a) Induction ovulation: During an IVF treatment Dr. Nalini Gupta will monitor your ovaries and the timings when the eggs need to be released. She will give some fertility drugs which help you in producing healthy and mature eggs for fertilization, as the multiple eggs will increase the chances of conception.

b) Egg retrieval: Dr. Nalini Gupta will give you some pain medication which helps to reduce the discomfort while collection the eggs from your ovaries. She will use the thin fine needle which is passed through the upper vaginal wall and with the use of vaginal ultrasound; the fluid from the follicles is removed. Once the eggs retrieved will be isolated from follicular fluid and will be placed in a culture dish and then transfer into the incubator.

c) Fertilization: This is an important step of an IVF treatment in which the sperm sample of the male member either from your partner or from sperm donor will be mixed with your eggs. The sperms and eggs are then placed in an incubator and your fertility expert will monitor them to make sure that healthy embryo will be developed.

d) Embryo transfer: Once the healthy embryo gets developed your embryologist will pick the embryo and will transfer via the small plastic tube into your uterine cavity and will wait for the signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

e) Pregnancy Test: The final step of an IVF treatment is the pregnancy test which will be conducted after two weeks of your embryo transfer and if the results are positive then you will be hand-over to a gynecologist for further treatment and if not then you can repeat the procedure or opt for the advanced IVF procedures.

To whom IVF treatment is recommended

IVF treatment is recommended to the couples with the following conditions:

• The women who were dealing with failed ovaries for them the IVF is the best option to have their own baby.

• Dr. Nalini Gupta recommends IVF to the women who had blocked or damaged women fallopian tubes.

• The women with the previous repeated history of miscarriages can undergo the IVF treatment to conceive own baby.

• The IVF is the best treatment option for the women with unexplained infertility factor.

• The women who tried other fertility drugs such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) and was unable to achieve a successful result of pregnancy for them IVF is the best option where the procedure will take place outside the women body but in IVF lab.

• IVF recommend to those couples where men sperms are not available in his ejaculate.

• Male member with the abnormal shape of sperm can undergo an IVF treatment.
• The male member with poor or low sperm count.
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